Monday, March 26, 2012

Progressive Animated Piece

Click on the image above to view an animation that I helped out with.  Animated about four scenes in this piece: the fishing scene (at :23 seconds),the sliding on clouds scene (:52), the calendar scene (:58) and the screaming eagle scene (2:32).  Andy Friz was the animation director on this, and we used cut-out characters rigs that he created in Harmony.  Was created REALLY quickly (in a matter of 5-6 weeks I believe, which is FAST for a three minuted animated film).  Enjoy!  Had fun working on it!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Saga of Captain Cheeseball

Everyone is doing it, so here goes.  Getting set to start a Kickstarter project.  I've been telling my kids silly bedtime stories for a while and thought, 'I should write one of these down'.  So, I am writing one down and doing the illustrations as well.  Its The Saga of Captain Cheeseball!  Having fun with it and moving FAST through it.  Keeping the illustrations line work so that kids can color their books.  I have a separate blog that I will be maintaining documenting the progress of the production.  I will also announce once my Kickstarter project goes live.  Excited to try it!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Messin' Around

Watched a couple Clint Eastwood films the other day while I was drawing a new kids book I am self publishing.  LOVE the old Clint films.  Fist Full of Dollars and Good, Bad, Ugly great!

Looking forward to spring break next week.  Planning on locking myself in a classroom at school and boarding Monday and Wednesday.  Will fill up the walls with blank paper and board all day both days.  Should have a good start after that for my next pass on my film.  REALLY enjoyed it the other day and got through a decent amount in an hour.  So, two days should be GREAT!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Storyoarding Time Lapse Movie

This was a time lapse of me working on the revised board for my animated film project in one of the classrooms at CCAD.  I had been working digitally on this new board and realized that I needed to go back to paper for the initial pass.  So, planning on spending spring break working through a series of passes on my board in this fashion.  Really enjoyed it and looking forward to it!