Friday, June 22, 2012

Logo Design

This is a logo I designed for Jim Beebe who is starting a fitness center in Indianapolis, IN (Jim Beebe AMRAP).  I enjoyed this project because it relied very heavily on the character being the center of the design. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Volume II of The Saga of Captain Cheeseball is available!!!

At midnight, on June 18th, the The Saga of Captain Cheeseball: Volume II hit the virtual shelves!!!   I'm VERY excited about this next chapter in the Cheeseball saga!!!

A book trailer promoting volume II will be online in the next day or two (working on that now).  I will post the link around as soon as its online.  Below is the blurb I put on my Captain Cheeseball Books Blog:

The adventure continues with the loveable but fairly inept captain as he moves deeper into his quest to find a treasure for the king of the island nation of Flinginghamdunbergville.  Captain Cheeseball finds himself in a few tight spots in the second chapter of the story and also meets a few new friends who accompany him on his adventure.  Its time to continue your adventure with Captain Cheeseball!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cover for Volume II of The Saga of Captain Cheeseball

This is the drawing of the cover for Volume II of The Saga of Captain Cheeseball.  My son Christopher colored this cover.  Those can be seen on the blog for Captain Cheeseball as well as the Facebook page for the series.  Check them out!!!

Volume II will be available on June 18th!!!  Look for it!!!