Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update: May 24, 2012

Keeping pretty busy these days with Captain Cheeseball.  After the second volume of books comes out on June 18th, I will probably take a little bit of a break from this series.  Will need to get back into the writing of the books and will probably slow down a bit.  Might be able to get the next book out by December, 2012.  Will need to be switching gears here very soon and moving into the production of my animatic for my animated film.  I have it basically roughed out in my head and on paper, but need to start building it up in Storyboard Pro 3D.  The goal is to have a finished animatic by November 1st.  So, once Volume II of Captain Cheeseball is out, its full speed ahead on the animatic. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ebook Blues

I'm working on getting an Ebook version of Captain Cheeseball available through the Kindle and it's not an easy process it seems. Tried to upload my PDF file; however, even though they SAY you can upload a PDF, they say there are usually problems and that seems to be the case. Looks like I will have to create a new version of the book through Word. Not a huge deal but will probably take a couple days. If it works, it's worth the effort. Will be nice to reach a larger audience. Just opened Captain Cheeseball up to overseas purchase which is cool. Will be fun to see my first international sale. Not sure how to market for that.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Plans for the Summer

With the school year winding down, it's time to switch gears from my classes to my personal work. I am thinking that I may be starting a test shot for my film here in the next couple weeks. I will be working on my boards this summer and also creating some 3D models to work inside the Animatic here and there. It might be that this takes up all my time leading up to the fall. If so, that is fine. I want this Animatic to be solid. However, if I have some time during that process I'm thinking I might want to do a shot from the film. This wouldn't probably be in the film but it would be a good bit of test animation as I move into layout and animation next year. Very excited to be posting regular pencil tests of animation when I get into that stage! Just thinking out loud.