Thursday, September 15, 2011

Embedding Movies into Your Blog

I wanted to pass along some thoughts on posting your movies online and embedding them into your blog sites. This morning, we had a critique in one of my classes. The student had his movie that he created for class posted online at When he clicked on the movie to play it, a commercial started to play for detergent, NOT his assignment. The assignment eventually played but not until we had been subjected to a minute of a man wearing a detergent costume.

When hosting your movies on different sites, be aware of what other films you have in that account and also if the site plays commercials before your films. You might want to have a separate account for just your professional work when creating a blog that might be viewed by potential employers. It seems like Vimeo will give your viewers the cleanest, most professional viewing experience. After your movie clip plays, Vimeo will only show other films that you have uploaded to your account as options to 'play next'. Youtube isn't a terrible option, but after your movie plays, there might be other movies that you didn't create mixed in with your own to 'play next' because Youtube 'thinks' you might want to watch them.

To protect against the unknown and unwanted ads, I would suggest Vimeo as the best option for posting your movies.

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