Thursday, September 15, 2011

Idle Poses for The Simpsons Video Game

As a consultant on the Simpsons Video Game for EA a few years back, I worked on a number of animatics for the in-game cinematics and also did a series of sketches like the ones below. These were thumbnails where I was brainstorming about different idles that the characters could perform while they were motionless on the screen and not being controlled. The last image below was a possible combo attack for Homer.

The studio had a number of Simpsons artists contributing to the production of the game. I enjoyed spending one week at the Redwood City EA campus during production where I got to meet and work with many of the EA artists who were creating the game. I was VERY impressed with the scale of the project and their handling of it. They really tried to understand what made the show tick and to bring that into the game environment. Their attention to detail was to a level I hadn't anticipated going into the project. I learned a lot during the process and think they did a great job!

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