Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Saga of Captain Cheeseball Volume I is Available!

There will be a total of six books in this series for kids which will chronicle the adventures of Captain Cheeseball.  He is hand picked by the king of Flinginghamdunbergville to find a treasure for the good of his homeland; however, things may not be as they seem.   There are details throughout the stories that kids can add and draw directly into the book. The illustrations throughout the books can also be colored (my daughter Lauren colored the cover). I hope to have the next volume completed and available within the next month or two.

The story is based on a character my kids made up. I love telling them silly little stories at bedtime, and I decided recently to go ahead and actually make this story into a book series. I had a lot of fun putting it together and, if you pick up a copy, I hope you and your kids enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed telling them and creating the books!

It will be available on in the next week or so. I will post a note when that happens. 

To purchase the book, follow the link below.  Thanks!!!

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