Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sample from Book III: Help Me Wise Old Wizard

Wanted to post some sample artwork from The Saga of Captain Cheeseball.  This page is towards the end of book three where Captain Cheeseball regains control of his ship after the wise old wizard gives him a little helping hand.  He arrives at a ship graveyard and starts to navigate his way through it.  (click here to purchase book)

Had a LOT of fun putting this volume together.  Just finished roughing out the artwork for book four.  It will probably take me about a month and a half to get the next volume complete and finished.  The other challenge is that I am also working on an animated film concurrently.  Also working on illustrations for another book with a friend of mine, so need to budget my time wisely over the next couple months.  Time is probably going to tip towards the animatic for my animated film for a while.  Need to make some progress on that and put the books on the back burner for a while (not stop with them completely, but not the priority right now).  

This book has been great for getting my energy up.  Quick and fast and loose.  Really ready to dive back into my animatic! 

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